Adplexity Coupon Codes 2019-Exclusive Discount by MegPixel

The ever-dynamic world of digital marketing has adopted Spy Tools. Without a formidable Spy Tool, you cannot compete in the market.

The market is brimming with Spy Tools. You need to make the right choice when choosing the right one for your business.

We have been reviewing the Top Spy Tools in the market. Our Spy Tool reviews strive to give you the true picture of what you can achieve.

Today is a mega day; we are reviewing the powerful AdPlexity Spy Tool.

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AdPlexity and How It Works

AdPlexity is currently among the most powerful Spy Tools.

It is the only tool in the dynamic digital marketing arena with an independent tool for each service they offer.

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AdPlexity works by allowing you to access all live Mobile, Native, and Adult Ads running on Mobile and Desktop.

Moreover, you can download all the Ads you like including the Images, Videos, Landing Pages, URLs, and Social Media Links among others.

AdPlexity Features

Access to Longest Running Ads

On AdPlexity, you can search by the “Longest Running Ads”. This feature is important when you need to see what’s working.

Aside from branded Ads, any affiliate Ad that has been running for more than 2 weeks is making good ROI.

You know this because affiliates don’t waste money on Ads that are not working. Any Ad that has none or poor ROI is swiftly abandoned.

Filter Non-Affiliate Ads

Branded Ads are of little use to affiliates. You need a tool that can quickly get branded Ads out of the way.

AdPlexity provides a great way to Filter Non-Affiliate Ads so you can get to the good affiliate campaigns.

Filter your results by Affiliate Network and Tracking Tool to get the branded Ads out of the running.

Download Landing Pages with One Click

AdPlexity offers the easiest way to download your Competitor’s Landing Pages.

So much so, when you rest your cursor on a particular Ad, the Page Interface will offer you the option to Download.

On the other hand, you can click on the desired Ad. You will get access to the Graphics, Target Countries, Target Devices, and Landing Pages.

By clicking on “Show More” under the Landing Pages List, you will get options to View more Ads by This Advertiser, Download the Lander, or Import the Lander to LanderBolt.

Analysis on Ad Trend

With AdPlexity, you will see all the intimate details of you competitor’s Ad.

For instance, any particular Ad will show the Ad Trend including:

  • Week Trend
  • Device Trend
  • Number of Publishers running the same Ad
  • Publisher Placement IDs by Volume and Duration
  • Traffic sources by Volume and Duration

This way, you will learn which offers are working, profit margins, campaign angles, as well as common traffic sources.

Keyword search on Landing Pages

You can search for Landing Pages by Keywords.

By simply keying in any keyword for example “Diet” in our case, you will view all the Landing pages featuring the word diet as well as related keywords.

Okay, these are a few of the outstanding features of AdPlexity.

As earlier noted, AdPlexity released independent software for each of the services they offer.

This makes it easy for you to recognize the tool you need and purchase only what you need.

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AdPlexity Products

Currently, AdPlexity has a total of 7 Products.

We are optimistic that there are more products to come. So far, all the products AdPlexity offers are well thought out and top-notch quality.

We will briefly introduce each product just to give you a feel of what each product offers.

AdPlexity Mobile

This AdPlexity product deals with all Mobile Pop-up, Pop-under, and In-App Ads. On AdPlexity Mobile you will gain access to your rival’s most lucrative Mobile Ad Campaigns. It covers over 75 countries and more than 120 Mobile carriers.

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AdPlexity Native

AdPlexity Native is the home for all Native Ads. You will gain access to 7 of the grandest Native Ad Traffic Sources.

Ardent digital marketers know how stealth Native Ads can be. AdPlexity offers coverage of up to 32 Countries including all the important ones.

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AdPlexity Desktop

AdPlexity Desktop is all about Desktop Display Web and Pop-up Ads. You can search for your competitor’s Ads by Keyword, Advertiser, Publisher, or Affiliate Network.

Additionally, AdPlexity Desktop supports Windows Chrome, Windows FireFox, Safari, and Windows IExplore search engines.

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AdPlexity Adult

This tool covers all Adult Ads. With AdPlexity Adult you can view Ads running in 75 countries. You will also have access to the top Adult Pop-up Ad Traffic Sources.

Furthermore, AdPlexity Adult features all the Adult Ad Exchanges plus all the hidden Ad campaigns on over 120 Mobile Carriers.

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AdPlexity E-commerce

AdPlexity e-commerce deals with E-Commerce Stores. Within AdPlexity E-Commerce, you will access over 100 Thousand E-Stores stocking over 70 Million Products.

You can check out all the products your competitors are selling. On top of this, you will see their Profit Margins, Product Strength, Store Strength, and the Revenue Boosting Apps they use.

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AdPlexity Carriers

This is a tool that targets not just affiliates but App Developers, Ad Verification Systems, Ad Agencies, Mobile Advertisers, and Ad Networks.

With AdPlexity Carriers you can run Ads in foreign countries as well as monitor you own Landing Pages and traffic funnels.

Also, you can take advantage of carrier-specific offers and successfully bypass cloakers.

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AdPlexity Push

AdPlexity Push is all about Push Notifications. You can view all the push notifications running on both Mobile and Desktop.

AdPlexity Push covers 80 countries with over 10 powerful Push Traffic Sources.

You will love access to Top-Secret Carrier-Specific Ad Campaigns running on over 90 carriers.

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Final Thoughts

AdPlexity is obviously a well-orchestrated Spy Tool with intuitive products. Our AdPlexity Coupon Codes are the perfect way to get an outstanding product for a fraction of the price.

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Please share your thoughts and experiences with us. We love to hear from you.